Clinton explains her election night win

@ChrisStirewalt asked Hillary Clinton if she was serious about running again when she wrote the winery read-out for her victory speech tonight. Here is her reaction: — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 8, 2021

On Wednesday evening, Hillary Clinton ran through her best and worst election night moments, looking back on a 2016 campaign that became a Greek tragedy.

“All the time that I spent feeling like I had failed, I am like, ‘No, no. In my freaking heart of hearts, I knew that I had done what I had to do for my country,’” she said, according to a video posted by ABC News.

“So that was a life lesson. And that’s what inspired me to pick up the phone one more time, even if I already had lost. And to reach out to some people I knew who were on the other side and say, ‘Hey. I’m thinking about running.’ And there was one who said, ‘I’m going to help you.’ So the story in my memoir is ‘the greatest of all possible worlds.’”

Mrs. Clinton would have been the first woman elected to the White House had she won in 2016. A year later, she has found more stability and comfort in her own life, trying out new paths to public service.

Saying “I don’t know how I landed on the spot” to read a victory read-out at a winery, the former secretary of state said, “What I do know is that we don’t have to settle for things the way they used to be. That I think there was a great teachable moment here that allowed a lot of us to talk to our kids and adolescents — and hopefully our parents — about the fact that ‘We can have a big world, but we can’t run it the way it used to be.’

The former candidate’s emotional reading recalled the now-infamous fight scenes between her and Barack Obama in their televised debates. And earlier this year, Mrs. Clinton wrote that the race was partly about the 2016 election.

Read her entire emotional explainer below:

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