CNN en Español moves into dogs and drugs with new shows

The the CNN en Español team is excited to announce three new series.

“El Poder del Perro” will focus on heroic dogs and their challenges across Mexico. The series will be produced by BBC Studios, the in-house production unit of BBC Worldwide Americas. CNN en Español will show the series together with Animal Planet. “El Gato” will serve up a look at the lives of central American kids who are part of a peer society in which they are constantly forced to sell drugs. The series will be produced by Thought Collective, the production company behind the upcoming series “My Life as a Pervert.” “El Comando de la Libertad” will join the English-language original lineup and follows a younger generation of Venezuelans whose lives mirror the country’s tumultuous politics. The show will focus on a handful of young residents of Caracas from all walks of life whose lives intersect with national events. CNN EN ESPAÑOL will air the series with CNN International.

The lineup offers some juicy fare to tinker with: “El Gato” puts us on the ground in Monterrey, Mexico, where social mobility for kids living with single parents and drug addiction are daily realities.

From Caracas comes a show that follows how a group of young people end up trapped in a country in constant state of turmoil. With a little help from friends.

“El Gato” is set to air in fall 2018.

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