Four thousand years of dysfunctional settlements

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp has apologised for the ‘mistake’ he made in deleting a photograph of jailed protesters after the state supreme court ruled against him, on the grounds that it violated election law. But, after much personal accountability, there are no signs that the racism, sexism and homophobia Kemp represents has changed.

While the suppression of minority voting rights in the minority communities has been well documented, right-wing politics has been spread to the mainstream media in the form of Fox News. One of the most popular shows, Hannity, became infamous for airing names like Nancy Pelosi and Janet Reno. Carlson began his programme as an “alt-right friendly talk show” and has become more conventional since (although still fans of conspiracy theories about high-ranking government officials). One of Carlson’s top social media accounts is littered with support for high-ranking white supremacist and neo-Nazi leaders.

The US Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by at least 16 women. He has maintained his innocence by claiming that the “current accusations” are part of a political smear campaign. But in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this week, Kavanaugh admitted that he had dated girls while drinking, just a hair’s breadth away from making a joke about campus sexual assault.

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