Grill and coveralls by Chiso-Day, South Africa

Roots and Blooms, 245 Stuyvesant Road, Johannesburg. +27 13 251 2205. Grills and coveralls from $42 (£25).

Grill and coveralls by Chiso-Day

Chiso-Day Grill and shirt from $95

“When I was a small boy, I was very keen on clothes and wanted to be one of those people who could dress well. I made sure that I learned to sew well. When I opened a business, people asked me to do hoodies. I had these terrible hoods that weren’t much better than wall cladding and they ended up falling apart in the laundry. At that time, people could still work on sewing machines, so I had them made with a machine that cost a few cents. My friend also worked on the products, making everything from collars to skirts. I was so excited. People bought it from me and said I was crazy. They even called my wife a whore.”

Loyiso Mazibuko, now 26

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