New Zealand to ban smoking by 2035

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told students at the University of Auckland that she wants to ban smoking by 2035 and urged other countries to make the same policy decision. Ardern joined scientists from across the world on Wednesday to deliver the final day of the World Health Organization’s global conference in Auckland to talk about quitting smoking. She said the country was taking “an evolutionary step” with the ban. Current plans call for a ban on smoking in public spaces, but Ardern told reporters “you can’t just say, ‘That’s the end of it’ when you know that there’s this whole group of kids that come along after you and they’re addicted to it.” Also speaking at the conference, a researcher called for continued research on the health effects of the habit. UN experts meeting in Auckland said they are still studying the issue. The tobacco industry has recently reported a resurgence in growth, partly due to its dependence on cheap taxes to bring in revenue. In 2017, the government slashed the price of cigarettes by 16 percent.

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