Olivia Rodrigo is taking her teen angst on tour

The former American singer-songwriter has wowed fans in Bath, and will add to her name with a solo tour this year

Olivia Rodrigo is taking her teen angst on tour

Former American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo has wowed fans in Bath and is embarking on a solo tour of the UK.

Rodrigo, who grew up on the north Wales coast, spent some of her childhood trying to escape her home town of Bala and holiday abroad.

After her parents split, Rodrigo suffered depression and began taking medication and undergoing therapy to manage the mental health issues she faced at the time.

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The musician split from her manager in 2015, when her new album was released, and the song writer initially struggled with the difficulties of living a music career away from her home town.

Rodrigo’s latest album, A Year to Remember, which has been recorded at Subbulakki Music in Japan, is her second, and brings back memories of her childhood home and the people she had lived with since the age of 12.

Before releasing her debut album Inescapable last year, Rodrigo worked with producer Tom Russell who worked with the Backstreet Boys. She has since garnered acclaim for her ambition and personality.

Her band of teenage friends from the Tied Bang are part of Rodrigo’s support acts as she embarks on a solo tour. She played a one-off show at the Bath Pavilion.

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