Reba McEntire ready to go on tour with Sara Evans

It’s not exactly time for the superstars to mend fences.

On the heels of Jennifer Nettles’ departure from the duo Sugarland on Monday (she had left that longtime relationship with her bandmates all along), multi-Grammy winner Reba McEntire told Entertainment Tonight she’s ready to take McEntire and Sara Evans on tour again. And if she’s successful, we could potentially be seeing McEntire back in a country music spotlight by 2020.

“I’m very much looking forward to getting back out on the road and performing for the fans that we’ve missed over the last couple of years,” McEntire told ET. “It will be fun to find that perfect group of girls for us to do it with and to take on another really successful tour.”

McEntire went on to say that a tour could start in the fall of 2020, if she and the duo make it through today’s upfronts, the annual event which brings together television networks to sell their next season’s shows to advertisers.

As Nettles prepared to go solo, the duo revealed it was an idea that came from McEntire. In a statement to The Wall Street Journal, Nettles said: “It is with great sadness that I have decided to leave Sugarland. But I have to get back on the road to make sure these shows are a success. I talked to Reba first and asked her if she thought there was a way for us to continue with Sugarland as a duo but since she and her band are full time, I knew it was impossible for that to work.”

McEntire seemed to embrace the news, taking to social media on Tuesday with an image of the words “Torn Between Two Lovers” on top of a photo of her left-hand holding Nettles’ iconic white pair of CMT trophy statues.

“I can’t believe it,” McEntire wrote, captioning the image. “Sara and I have been friends since we started touring together about 15 years ago. We had a daughter together in 2006 and have always been in each other’s lives. We love singing together and I cherish the time we spend together on stage. We’re so lucky to get to do it!”

McEntire and Evans first teamed up in 2003 for a string of hits, selling 12 million albums in the process, including the Nashville-favorite “My Kinda Party.”

“The real story of Sugarland is that we fell in love at first sight,” McEntire told Us Weekly. “We were on tour together and it was really like being in love for the first time. It was natural — at least for me — to be having a great time on stage with her.”

After stepping away from the spotlight for a couple of years, McEntire and Evans, along with Kix Brooks, released a tribute album in 2014, “Celebrate,” which sold 7 million copies.

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